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Most joint pain, including neck and back pain, is caused by damaged, unhealed ligaments and tendons.
If other abnormalities are present--... disk problems, cartilage problems, bone spurs, etc., pain may still be arising from damaged, unhealed ligaments and tendons.
Symptomatic connective tissue damage is often impossible to detect on imaging studies, but easy to detect on physical examination.
Prolotherapy strongly triggers the healing process in damaged, unhealed ligaments, tendons, and cartilage.
‘Conventional treatments’, including anti-inflammatory and steroid medication, only mask the pain and may further reduce your ability to heal.
Prolotherapy is the only therapy which successfully treats the underlying cause of most joint pain.
Prolotherapy is over 80% successful in curing joint pain due to damaged connective tissue. Prolotherapy may be your solution!

Symptoms and findings associated with damaged, unhealed ligaments and tendons:

  1. Are not capable of full load-bearing.
  2. Cause pain when used.
  3. May cause pain at rest, or chronic pain.
  4. May cause referred pain, numbness, tingling, burning, or aching which is felt some distance from the damaged structure.
  5. Produce muscle malfunctions - tightness, spasm, trigger point formation, or weakness.
  6. Result in abnormal mobility of bones in the joints.
  7. Cause unstable joints.
  8. Result in abnormal wear of cartilage.
  9. Result in disk damage or rupture.
  10. Result in arthritis and bone spur formation.

If you have chronic problems due to damaged, unhealed ligaments and tendons, these problems will not resolve until the connective tissue heals to normal structural integrity.

You do NOT need expensive tests to identify damaged, unhealed connective tissue structures.

You Do need a complete history and a thorough physical exam to locate these damaged structures.

The connective tissue healing process:

  1. Is a very time limited process, lasting about six weeks.
  2. Begins with immune cells and platelets releasing chemicals which summon and activate repair cells.
  3. Repair cells (fibroblasts and chondroblasts) then make new tissue to repair the damaged structure for about six weeks.
  4. ‘Scar tissue’ is not formed-instead these cells actually make new ligament, tendon, and cartilage.
  5. Supplements, vitamins, anti-inflammatory and steroid medication, exercise, manipulation, acupuncture, physical therapy, ice, heat, and rest DO NOT trigger the healing process.
  6. Prolotherapy stimulates white blood cells and/or platelets to release a group of chemicals known as ‘growth factors’ which trigger the body’s strongest healing system.
  7. Prolotherapy is the only therapy that strongly triggers the body’s connective tissue healing process.

When ligaments and tendons heal, pain stops. Read Dr. Johnson's Paper regarding Connective Tissue Damage Syndrome

Even severely damaged structures and broad areas of injury usually respond well to Prolotherapy.

Maximizing your results:

  • Prolotherapy results depend on your body’s healing system.
  • To maximize your results, we assess your overall medical condition, medications, and nutritional status, making recommendations as necessary.
  • Hormone balance is important for healing. At times hormone testing and BioIdentical Hormone therapy are recommended.

The Trigger for Healing:
Proliferant Solutions

Traditional Solutions:
My standard solution, proven effective for over 50 years, uses concentrated Dextrose (sugar), Lidocaine (local anesthetic), and Sarapin (long-acting natural anesthetic).

Alternative Solutions:
In different locations and situations, proliferant additives or alternatives are used. These include Human Growth Hormone, Sodium Morrhuate, and other options. Dr. Johnson will work with you to develop a treatment that will maximize your success.

Future Solutions:
At Prolotherapy Nashville the future is already here. Dr. Johnson was one of the first practitioners in the country to use Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) as a Prolotherapy treatment option. To use PRP, the platelets and white blood cells (both of which contain the growth factors that trigger the healing process) are removed from a sample of the patient’s blood. This concentrated solution (PRP) can then be used to treat a variety of kinds of damaged structures - including ligaments, tendons, cartilage and fibrocartilage (such as the meniscus and labrum). Dr. Johnson has vast experience using this treatment for a variety of conditions.

At Prolotherapy Nashville we offer you the best of the past, the present, and the future.

The Prolotherapy Treatment:

At Prolotherapy Nashville we employ an integrated approach to treatment that minimizes the discomfort of treatment, and optimizes your healing capacity.

Prolotherapy involves injecting damaged structures. Therefore, the treatment is somewhat uncomfortable. We do, however, take great pains to minimize your pain.

We utilize a powerful topical anesthetic, a Tennant Biomodulator, a homey office environment, and our engaging personalities to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

Most people can drive home and resume unlimited activity following treatment. On rare occasions when oral sedation is employed, you must bring someone to drive you home.

Prolotherapy is not for everyone. It is only for those people who will do whatever it takes to get permanent relief from their pain.

Why is it so hard to find a doctor who gives this treatment? Prolotherapy currently is not ‘mainstream’ medical practice, although it is certainly moving in that direction. I am a Board Certified Surgeon, and a Fellow in the American College of Surgeons, so I would certainly not receive, nor give, a treatment that was not well founded and properly administered. If you ask physicians around the country what Prolotherapy is, you get responses like, ‘alternative medicine, holistic medicine, natural medicine,’ and, my personal favorite, ‘never heard of it.’

In recent years, as advances in ‘conventional medicine’ have not provided the cures that patients desperately need, there has been a resurgence of interest in this useful and proven therapy. This treatment is over 70 years old, and has been published in reputable medical journals since the 1930’s. The main problem at this time is that there is no formal training program where one can go to learn this procedure. There is only one way available to become a competent Prolotherapist. You must be mentored extensively by someone expert in the technique in order to become really proficient. That is why there are so few doctors doing it. There are weekend courses in Prolotherapy sponsored by two national organizations, and as people are beginning to seek out this therapy, some doctors are going to these courses, then going home and trying to ‘learn on the job’. My advice to you: do not settle for less than the best.

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The Southeast’s Premiere Prolotherapy Practice

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